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Best Ways To Keep Plants Alive In Your Apartment

James Mckinney / November 5, 2016
Best Ways To Keep Plants Alive In Your Apartment

Plants always end up dying no matter how much you take care of them, the green leaves start to get brown and the petals of the flowers start to fall. Sometimes people wonder that the plant food was not worth any money as they have to throw the plant away in the end which is wrong. The reason behind all these problems is the atmosphere or the environment of denver luxury apartments. Here are some of the best ways that can help you to keep your plants alive:

Humidity level:
The level of humidity matters a lot, when you are buying plants for your apartment you must know that which plants work best at your place and what seasonal changes it can accept. Tropical plants usually require more humidity, so if you live in a place where the atmosphere is warm, then you have to add moisture to it, obviously there are many ways to do it. One easy way to do it is adding gravel at the bottom of the container.

Drainage and over watering:
The main reason why plants get rotten is because they are not drained properly and they are over watered, to keep the system balanced you can keep rocks and drainage products at the bottom of the plant container. There are many ways to keep the plants alive in any season and one of the best is allowing the soil to dry properly.

Another amazing factor that can keep the plants alive for a longer period of time is light, check if your apartment has enough light for the plants. Indoor plants are not just for the decorative purposes, keeping them alive and taking care of them is your duty. If you have windows then it’s great as you can put the plants behind the windows so that they can get natural sunlight that is required. First, you have to know which plants require sunlight as some of them die if they natural sunlight.

Fertilizer and pests:
If you want some impressive growth in your plants, then putting fertilizer in it is the best thing you can do, but apart from putting fertilizers repotting them by time to time is also necessary. When the plant is in its growth period, one should have to add the fertilizer three times a day to have the best results and as fertilizer attracts insects then some special care is also required.

Choose the plants carefully:
If you have already killed too many plants by not taking enough care or they just died and you could not be able to do anything, then here are the species that would work best for you, you can go for African violets, snake plants and many others as these are the plants that do not need too much maintenance. They are known as low maintenance plants and they have do not have a very strict watering schedule so keeping these plants alive is quiet easy.