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Top Restaurants In Three Of The Best Cities In Kansas

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Kansas has some excellent restaurants serving up some great food. Of course, Kansas has many great cities, and each of these cities has hundreds, if not thousands of restaurants. As you are traveling through Kansas, how do you know where to pick a place to eat? You can go by sight or do your own digging, or you can know based on reviews and this article which places are the best. Let’s take a look at some of the top restaurants in three major Kansas cities, Overland Park, Wichita and Topeka.

In Wichita, Kansas, there are over a 1000 restaurants, as you can imagine. One of the top establishments there is Red Rock Canyon Grill, and it is located on North Rock Road. Menu items include salmon, rotisserie chicken, key lime pie and delicious corn bread. Now lets take a look at two other top restaurants in Wichita.

Bite Me BBQ sounds like a good place to eat. It is located on North St. Francis Street. Get your pulled pork, ribs, burnt ends and baked beans. The third restaurant in Wichita is Newport Grill, and it is located on North Rock Road, just like Red Rock Canyon Grill. This is a brunch spot with great seafood, and reviewers talk about the fish being really fresh. Now it’s time to get moving to two other cities in Kansas, Topeka and Overland Park.

In Overland Park, there are 476 restaurants. Nick and Jake’s is one of the top establishments there, and it is located on West 135th street. The menu highlights talk about grandma’s chicken, which already sounds really enticing. As for other top restaurants in Overland Park, you have a Gram and Dun, which is located on Ward Parkway, and Cafe Provence in Prairie Village.

Now, let’s head on over to Topeka, Kansas to look at three top restaurants there. Topeka has the least amount of restaurants out of these three cities, but it still has well over 300 restaurants. Blind Tiger is one of them, and it is located on Southwest 37th street. Then there is Row House Restaurant on Van Buren and The Wheelbarrow on North Kansas Avenue. If you find yourself Topeka, Wichita or Overland Park Kansas, you’re now going to have a few great spots to eat in each city. You can’t go wrong picking one of these places to enjoy some food.